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A significant portion of the Product Design program at Stanford involved gaining an understanding of form and aesthetics. These are a few of the form studies that I designed in my time there.


rugged cell phone The outdoor-activity cellphone (remember, this was the early '90's!) communicates its rugged design and has rubberized grips along the sides.
alarm clock The information-intensive alarm clock allows two users to set different wake-up times and radio stations, and to see the current settings at a glance. In response to user surveys, the entire top portion is the snooze button.
VW wire sculpture This whimsical sculpture tries to capture the swollen lines of my classic 1967 Beetle with a minimum of material. The structure, particularly the cantilevering of the upper part of the body from the front of the piece, allows the piece to bounce and jiggle in a manner reminiscent of the putt-putting movement of the car itself.

shower detail

(detail view)

This shower fixture unites the controls and spray nozzle for a low-profile, unobtrusive design. The upper knob adjusts the temperature of the shower, and the lower knob regulates the flow.